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What we do .....

What we do .....

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We Promise You That.

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Prägtig® is a European brand that designs and markets products in collaboration with local partners. Thus, all products are designed in Germany, Europe, USA and, where possible, produced in the country where they are sold. 

Nowadays all products you can think of come from the Far East. Often of poor or questionable quality. Many of our competitors buy from overseas because of lower costs.

At Prägtig® however, we feel it is important to have our products made here, at home, helping to keep our jobs in the U.S. and Europe. Prägtig® considers cooperation with local or national entrepreneurs very important. Because in this way a more intensive quality control is possible, we can be sure that the product delivered to our valued customers is in perfect condition. 

We firmly believes in providing our customers with the highest quality products. Part of making that a priority is what sets us apart. Buying American and European made products from us means you are certain to be getting a quality product. Unlike some of our competitors, we feel as though our customers deserve the best, and that is certainly not an area we will ever be looking to cut back on. We take a lot of pride in the products we offer. American en European made products are not easy to come by these days, That's why we are not the Cheapest, But the Best.

Therefore, we cannot be the cheapest, but we can be the best.


Prägtig® We Promise You That. 

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The Orignal Jar from the USA

1 Gallon Jar Made in the USA

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The Original from the USA

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