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  • REDUCE YOUR RISK - You already know the importance of having clean hands. It reduces the spread of germs and bacteria. But, it might be even more important than we think, according to the Center for Disease Control(CDC). Keeping your hands clean is the number ONE way to reduce the spread of stomach “bugs”, respiratory infections, and nasty colds and flu’s that make us sick. If you want to keep your family (and you) healthy, make hand washing quick and easy - it’s the best place to start.
  • FOAMING SOAP WILL SAVE MONEY - Because foaming soap dispensers release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, you can get clean, germ free hands with less soap. It’s far more efficient, too...these dispensers create a foaming action, and allow the soap to spread quickly and easily over your skin as you rub it into your hands. So, your soap is going to last longer - and cost you a fraction of what you spend now on hand soap.
  • IT’S FRIENDLY(FOR YOU, AND THE ENVIRONMENT) - We made this set of Foaming Soap Dispensers to be used with castile soap for two reasons. One is less soap is used each time you wash your hands. Commercial soaps use harsh, synthetic detergent blends. Castile Soap uses natural oils to clean your hands without over drying or damaging your skin, and it’s biodegradable and won't clog drains - clogs that typically require costly visits from the plumber or harsh, harmful solvents to unclog.
  • NATURAL & BPA FREE - We made this set of 5 Soap Dispensers out of PET plastic. We chose PET plastic because it’s strong, thermosafe, and contains no dangerous chemicals or compounds. Each dispenser is free of BPA - a harmful toxin that can seep into the human body and cause cognitive and developmental issues. Our Soap Dispensers are safe - and we provide you with full instructions on how to use them.
  • YOU’RE GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT – If for any reason, you aren’t happy with your Foaming Soap Dispensers, just send them back to us for a prompt and full refund. We want to help you keep your family healthy by minimizing the spread of germs in your house while keeping your hands clean and your skin soft. If you don’t feel like we have done that, let us know. So click the Add to Cart button now, knowing your purchase is protected with our Money Back Guarantee.

Prägtig - Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser Amber with Foaming Pump - Set of 5

SKU : 5419980173850
28,99 € Prix original
21,99 €Prix promotionnel
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